Commercial Pest Control Services in Littleton, CO

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Pest exterminator truck — Rid-A-Pest Exterminators in Littleton, CO
Rid-A-Pest is the expert on all the pests that can invade your business. We will design a program specific to your needs to eliminate ants, roaches, mice, rats, or flies from your establishment. Once the pests are eliminated we can provide a proactive preventative service to keep pests from ever becoming a problem again. Everything we do is guaranteed!

Restaurants and Food Service
Rid-A-Pest understands the importance of your reputation and the need for zero tolerance in your establishment. Our quality-assured pest control program will keep you worry free. We are knowledgeable in food safety laws and local heath department regulations. All of our work is documented and accessible for any inspectors or third party audits. Pests enter your business in many ways. Whether they come in on deliveries, linens and uniforms, employee belongings or a neighboring building, we will stop them in their tracks. Let us show you why Rid-A-Pest is the best!
Food Processing/ Pharmaceuticals/ Laboratories/ Sensitive Operations.
Contaminants from pests or pesticide residues can be a disaster. With our quality assured pest control program, we will not allow this to happen. We will meet or exceed all of your pest control and pest-related auditing needs. We are committed to using integrated pest management, committed to keeping up-to-date on FDA's Food Safety Modernization Act and also specialists for organic facilities.

Hospitality Industry
We understand that protecting your reputation with proactive services is critical. Bed bugs and cockroaches are unacceptable and must be destroyed immediately. Our preventative quality assured program will stop them before they can develop into infestations. By training your management and staff any by using research-based treatments, Rid-A-Pest will make sure that your guests are never surprised. We also take care of rodents, ants, spiders, seasonal pests and birds.

Property Management
We are specialists in services for rental homes, duplexes and apartments. Homes and duplexes are ecological islands. In most cases; we only need to treat them once or twice, and guarantee the service for up to a year. For apartments, we can treat individual units with a 90 day guarantee, or set up a preventative maintenance service for the entire building.

Mission statement: To provide excellence in everything we do. We expect all of our clients to be 100% satisfied.